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Re: Bug#325306: ITP: root -- An object oriented data analysis framework

also sprach Christian Holm Christensen <cholm@nbi.dk> [2006.02.23.1721 +0100]:
> > also sprach Christian Holm Christensen <cholm@nbi.dk> [2006.02.23.1555 +0100]:
> What happened to Zaratustra? 

He's sitting up on the pole still.

> > But it's an established software name. Maybe consider cern-root?
> For the meta-package, yes, but does it really matter?  Also,
> although the main development takes place at CERN, it would be
> unfair to the large number of contributors from all over the world
> to call it `cern-root'. 

Okay. I just wanted the issue thought over. I have no objections

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