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Re: Bug#325306: ITP: root -- An object oriented data analysis framework

Hi Martin, 

On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 16:37 +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Christian Holm Christensen <cholm@nbi.dk> [2006.02.23.1555 +0100]:

What happened to Zaratustra? 

> > I intent to package this software for Debian. 
> I think the package name is a little too broad. 

I'm well-aware that the package name is unfortunate.   However, the main
executable is called `root', with utility programs `rootcint',
`root-config', `rootd', `xrootd', and so on.  These names, can not be
changed, or the user wouldn't get the expected behaviour.   

> We already have three roots on Unix: / and the UID/GID 0.

So there's 

     1. `root' the path, 
     2. `root' the user,
     3. `root' the group, 

and now 

  4. `root' the application. 

Kidding aside.  I think, perhaps the package names could change, but the
executable, etc. can not.   It would conflict with the general use of
the application.   Note, that the executable `root' is just one aspect
of the whole thing.    To make a user class persistent/`scriptable',
ROOT uses a dictionary generated by the program `rootcint' - hence users
expect to be able to do 

   rootcint -f MyDictionary.cxx -c $(CPPFLAGS) MyHeader.h

That is, a lot of third party software does exactly something like the
above in the build-system. 

> But it's an established software name. Maybe consider cern-root?

For the meta-package, yes, but does it really matter?  Also, although
the main development takes place at CERN, it would be unfair to the
large number of contributors from all over the world to call it


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