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Re: Ubuntu patches

also sprach Scott James Remnant <keybuk@gmail.com> [2006.02.21.1506 +0100]:
> File a request here:
>     https://launchpad.net/products/nda/+addticket

Scott, I appreciate your work and your mail to keep us up to date.
It's good to see you back at the keys!

This isn't a rant, but a serious wishlist request: if Canonical
wants more cooperation from Debian developers, please do not make
use go out of our ways, which means do not make use sign up with
launchpad (I realise many are already), and let us use an email
submissions service.

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but maybe you can (once
again) act as messenger and bring the Launchpad team's attention to

> I hope that explains the situation well enough, if you have any
> questions please ask me.  Note that I'm not subscribed to this mailing
> list, so you'll need to break list policy and Cc me on replies if you
> want my attention.

No breaking the policy; you requested it.

Please do not send copies of list mail to me; I read the list!
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