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Re: Bug#353277: ndiswrapper in main (was: Bug#353277: should be in contrib)

la, 2006-02-18 kello 10:43 -0500, Michael Poole kirjoitti:
> What's the purpose of an assembler without assembly code to use it on?

It can be used, for example, to assemble code you write yourself. That
is, after all, the primary purpose of programming tools: to help
programmers develop programs.

> Despite Anthony's claim, I see no packages that can use nasm out of
> the box, which means it needs software not in main to perform its
> intended use (which seems to be the objection to ndiswrapper).

Anthony listed a number of packages that require nasm for building. That
is a clear case of nasm being used by packages in main.

Nasm and ndiswrapper are in not comparable in any way that makes it
useful to argue that ndiswrapper should be kept in main.

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