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Re: Bug#352535: ITP: gitmail -- Very simple graphical mail user agent for sending mail (GTK)

* Jari Aalto [Tue, 14 Feb 2006 01:13:36 +0200]:

> The HELO argument may be funny,

  It says something about the author.

> but the package seems to work okay. This list weight GUI version of
> sending mail (in contrast to console based ones; mutt etc.), is very
> small application that is suitable for low end machines (166Mhz).

  This has a point.

> Can you all provide more information on

>         "too buggy that we refuse to support it"
>          full of malloc(FIXED_NUM)

> So that I can take this to upstream. Is there improvements
> that you would like to propose?

  See Lars' mail.

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