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Re: Bug#352535: ITP: gitmail -- Very simple graphical mail user agent for sending mail (GTK)

| * Adeodato Simó [Mon, 13 Feb 2006 22:58:24 +0100]:
| >   And it may fall under the "too buggy that we refuse to support it"
|   Ah, forgot to say that the code is, at least, full of malloc(FIXED_NUM), 
|   that afterwards get used without any check for errors.

I've renamed the package to "ghostmail". It's now listed and *.deb packages
available at


The HELO argument may be funny, but the package seems to work okay.
This list weight GUI version of sending mail (in contrast to console
based ones; mutt etc.), is very small application that is suitable for
low end machines (166Mhz).

As for the anonymous mail, Debian includes privacy tools and there is
nothing in the mail itself that would not be possible straight from
Perl or Python script.

Any Mail agent almost let's you define who you are.

Can you all provide more information on

        "too buggy that we refuse to support it"
         full of malloc(FIXED_NUM)
So that I can take this to upstream. Is there improvements
that you would like to propose?


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