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Re: Library interface version question

Scripsit Shachar Shemesh <debian@shemesh.biz>
> Henning Makholm wrote:

>>You are supposed to write an appropriate shlibs file, as described in
>>policy �8.6. Have you done so?

> My file is currently automatically generated by dh_shlibdeps, and says
> "libargtable2 0 libargtable2-0".

No it isn't. dh_shlibdeps is jus a wrapper around dkpg-shlibdeps,
which does not generate shlibs files. It _reads_ shlibs files and
collects substvars for use in your package's Depends line.

Please do read the documentation.

> I realize that I should place any version restrictions there, if I
> want them. The question is whether I should just state the version
> at which the interface advance there, or whether I should do some
> other version tricks?

You are the maintainer; it is your job to know which versions and
packages it is appropriate for freshly compiled client programs to
depend on.

> In a nutshell - because then the information regarding which backwards
> compatible interface to use is lost.

You seem to be misunderstanding the purpose of /usr/lib symlinks. See
Steve Langasek's answer.

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