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Library interface version question

Hi all,

I am maintaining a package (libargtable2, not that it matters). This
library had a recent backwards compatible interface version upgrade. The
previous version was 0, and the new version is 1, backwards compatible
to 0. It got the version number of "1:1:1" in libtool terms, which
translated to "libargtable2.so.0.1.1" in file name.

There are a couple of problems.

First, if I understand correctly, programs linked against this new
library (which should still be called "libargtable2-0") should have a
specific ">=" version in their dependencies. This does not currently
happen. I realize I must be doing something wrong in the debianization
of the library, but I'm not sure what it is.

The second is that, again, if I understand correctly, a link should have
been created from libargtable2.so.0.1 to libargtable2.so.0.1.1. This did
not happen. Is this wrong?



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