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rules: unpatch as dependency (was Bug#351301)

Hello Rene, hello debian-devel,

Rene Engelhard schrieb am Sat 04. Feb, 10:23 (+0100):
> Jörg Sommer wrote:
> >  # prep-deb-files from module-assistant creates the neccessary debian/ files 
> > -kdist_config: prep-deb-files
> > +kdist_config: prep-deb-files patch-stamp
> Not needed. The patches are in -source already pre-applied.
> > +	-$(MAKE) -f debian/rules unpatch
> or a dependency on unpatch.

A good point. I've a package with a library that does not support
libtool. Because libtool saves files to special places it needs to be
called for cleanup, too.

If I set unpatch as dependency for the clean target all patches get
removed before I can call make clean. Thus I have no way to patch the
clean target of upstream makefiles. The idea I had was to call the
unpatch target after I've run make clean. Do you have a better idea?

Regards, Jörg.
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ihm den Kopf ab.

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