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Collaborative maintenance, time to work

[Same crosspost than last time + debian-devel, but reply-to set to a new

Hello everybody,

following the previous mail on the subject, I revised a bit the proposal
and started to write down the design of the infrastructure.

I also created a mailing list where everybody interested to help should
subscribe : collab-maint-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org

Please join and we'll continue the discussion over there (reply-to is

Here are the wiki pages of the project :

I've started to write some code. There's not much but I have a module
which is able to access a (local) subversion repository and extract
the list of packages managed in the repository as well as the associated
meta-information (version, distribution, urgency for now).

We should aim to quickly create a web interface for this. I don't know yet
how this interface should be made. I'm tempted to try Turbogears for this
project but I'd welcome your suggestions.


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