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Re: Bug#349693: ITP: gst-fluendo-mp3 -- MP3 decoder plugin for GStreamer

Joe Wreschnig wrote:

It's clear to me you've never had to use an iRiver's Ogg support. It
fails outside a limited bitrate range, drains battery faster, does not
read metadata, and is not available on all devices. Newer iRivers also
use a proprietary communications protocol that is not yet supported in
Debian. Finally, the recording is MP3 only.
While this is true wrt the flash based iRivers currently sold, the hard
drive based ones found in stores (The h10 line) can use standard UMS as
an alternative mode (hold down the select button during boot), and the
databases can be generated by easyh10 (which I package for Debian).

You're still correct that they don't suppot ogg.


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