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Re: Debian derivatives and the Maintainer: field (again)

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

>> >> Don't you run wanna-build, buildd and sbuild? It is easy enough to
>> >> change the maintainer field with that.
>> >
>> > Not in the source package, which is what was being discussed in that
>> > context.
>> Huh?  Actually, you'll find, they do!
> Please show me which part of wanna-build or sbuild modifies a source
> package.

The binary NMU process does this for *rebuilt* binaries, after the
first.  I refer to the end effect of Debian's normal procedures, not
the particular tools used to effect these results.  I do not recall
which tool does it, and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was saying that
wanna-build and/or sbuild was the tool in question.

Debian's normal procedure is that the first build of a package for an
arch gets a version number copied from the source, but all future
builds that are installed into the archive have an altered version
number.  All Ubuntu rebuilds are "future builds" in this way, and so
they should all get an altered version number.

It would be particularly pleasant and helpful if they contained a
version number that was labelled "ubuntu" in some respect.


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