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Re: udev naming problems for eth*

On Jan 18, Davide Natalini <tindal@katamail.com> wrote:

> the system is debian sarge based, with udev version 0.076-6 and kernel 
Just to be sure, I suggest you upgrade your version of udev.

> usually the two interfaces are named the wrong way, but sometimes they 
> are named fine.
IOW, renaming is not happening.

> my /etc/udev/rules.d/000local.rules looks like this:
Renaming must happen after the WAIT_FOR_SYSFS, which is in

> SYSFS{address}=="00:50:70:e3:16:c2", NAME="eth0", RUN+="/bin/echo 1 
> /root/udev.log"
This RUN action will never work because /root is not writeable when the
rule is processed. You should use something like:
RUN+="/bin/touch /dev/flag-eth0-1"


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