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Re: making more packages binary NMU safe

Ken Bloom wrote:
> I noticed that glabels is broken on i386 because it's not binary NMU
> safe, and someone did a binary NMU.
> After poking around a bit, I found
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2005/11/msg00000.html, which
> discussed a possible solution to this problem. Since then, we have
> changed the version number format for binary NMUs, so I wanted to submit
> a patch (based on the one mentioned previously) to allow the creation
> more binNMU safe packages.

Instead of doing blind substitutions like it is done currently, it is
possible to separate Arch:all from Arch:any|other|whatever in the
substitution script such that,

Source-Version => bin NMU version for binaries that are build
Source-Version => 'original' version for Arch:all binaries

This way nothing needs to be changed. No transition. Just some code. Not
as trivial as introducing new variables, but a lot simpler in the sort
term and the long term.

- Adam

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