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Cool down?!


Could we stop the flaming period? Like - forever? And come back to
normal development, making the best distribution on this small planet.

Please remember that we have a Code of Conduct for our lists, which
includes nice things like
# Do not use foul language;
# Try not to flame; it is not polite. 

Back when I joined "the Net" someone told me two nice little sentences
(which are still true and also used, im sure you can find references
everywhere), which were something like "be nice to anyone else out
there, you want them to be nice to you" and "don't reply to a thread
just for the sake of it".

It would be great if that could work here too. No, you dont need to write
the same information the 7th time, just to keep the thread alive. And if
you are angry you should not write mail, postpone it, sleep a night and
then look at the mail again. Most probably the world is much better then...

bye Joerg
Unstable means "subject to rapid change" rather than "full of bugs",
though sometimes it is both :-).

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