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Re: Does it sometimes happen that people send mails before NMU ?

* Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org) wrote:
> There have been 2 NMUs on libxml2 in a week and I never got a message
> beforehand. Now I wonder if that practice has disappeared somehow.
> I admit I've not spent enough time for libxml2 recently, but still, I
> wouldn't have been bothered by some poking beforehand.
> Moreover, I'm not exactly sure the second NMU has indeed removed all
> problematic content but the bug is closed, so the NMUer may be happy.
> Ah, by the way, the bug was not even a problem for package propagation
> to testing, so that doesn't make the propagation an argument for a quick
> upload.
> No thanks
> Mike

To quote Andreas Barth:

> However, we need to start *now* to give the RC-bug count some more
> attention.  This means also that we're going to start again an
> everlasting BSP: For RC-bugs, you can upload 0-days NMUs for RC-bugs
> open for more than one week.  However, you are still required to
> notify the maintainer via BTS before uploading.  And of course, you
> need to take care of anything you broke by your NMU.

So if they didn't notify you through the BTS and/or the bugs were open
for less than a week, then let the chastisement commence!

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