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Re: Need for launchpad

Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> I looked at the patches for e2fsprogs, and I have to conclude that
> unfortunately, they patches are worse than useless.  It's not clear
> exactly what is being diffed against what, but if I had to guess it's
> a diff of Debian stable or Debian testing versus the latest in Ubuntu
> unstable --- or whatever is their development branch.  

I have encountered that problem too---sometimes the patches are diffs
against the wrong version.

> And on _top_ of that, we have all sorts of gratuitous autotools changes.

I can't comment on your package.  I have seen changes in some packages
that looked gratuitious, but then I have been comforted by the thought
that the perpetrators of gratuitous changes are the ones who have to pay
the price for it, because they have to carry such changes forward.
Thomas Hood

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