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Intent to remove several packages - ddrmat-source, python-flac, python-modplug


I'm going to be requesting removals for packages I no longer need or
have the hardware to test (and was also upstream for); speak up within
the next week if you want them.

ddrmat-source: I believe this driver was merged into the kernel early in
the 2.6 series; it's also for pretty obsolete hardware (parallel port
Playstation controller adapters; most people have moved onto USB ones).
My parallel port fried recently, so I can no longer make sure it works

python-flac: Quod Libet used to use this. It won't as of the next
release. It's a pretty nasty SWIG wrapper, and upstream's email bounces.
If this is of interest to you, talk to me first, because the replacement
I've written might suit your needs better (no SWIG, fully tested, nicer

python-modplug: Two people on IRC have expressed interest in using this
for their own projects about 6 months ago, but then never got back to
me, so as far as I know there are no users of it. It is fully tested and
simple enough that it probably won't require any maintenance beyond
Python transitions.
Joe Wreschnig <piman@debian.org>

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