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mozilla extension problem - please advise or kick me in the right direction

Dear Gurus,

Since I got no response in -mentors I decided to bother the higher
authorities. I am sorry if I have produced an excess of noise.

I am a sponsored maintainer  of mozilla-imagezoom package. I just
upgraded it to the most recent upstream version so I could have it
working with the recent firefox. I believe I had similar problem before
but now I have it again: on some boxes (where I believe I used to
have it installed in my local account) it doesn't appear in the list of
extensions no matter what I do (including moving ~/.mozilla away to start
with fresh local settings). But it works nicely on some other boxes...

So what did I miss in my package? May be someone could forward me to a
link describing the very recent relevant changes in mozilla extension manager?

In the debian/rules I do

dtmp = $(CURDIR)/debian/mozilla-imagezoom
extdir = $(dtmp)/usr/share/mozilla-extensions/imagezoom
uuid = 1A2D0EC4-75F5-4c91-89C4-3656F6E44B68
        cp -rp chrome defaults $(extdir)
        install -m 644 debian/chrome.d debian/extensions.d install.rdf \
        install -m 644 debian/Uninstall $(extdir)/uninstall

and in debian/postinst
I do old-fasioned

if [ "$1" = configure ]; then
    for update in update-mozilla-chrome \
                  update-mozilla-snapshot-chrome \
                  update-mozilla-firefox-chrome \
                  update-mozilla-thunderbird-chrome; do
        if searchpath "$update"; then

Fresh version of the package was duploaded by the sponsor into unstable
and also available from my local repository
if you are willing to have a look at it

Thank you in advance for the hints
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