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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies, stage 3

> What does aptitude give as the breakdown between unused packages being
> automatically removed, and packages being removed that you actually
> requested installed?

Well I did not install any packages through aptitude.

The numbers of packages below the lines
The following packages will be automatically REMOVED:
The following packages will be REMOVED:
are the same.

> In spite of the large number of packages removed, almost all of these are
> packages that are not in etch...  From a-c, only these packages are in your
> removal list and also in testing at present:  ardour-gtk aspell-br aspell-cy
> aspell-da aspell-de aspell-de-alt aspell-el aspell-en aspell-es aspell-fi
> aspell-fr aspell-ga aspell-gl-minimos aspell-is aspell-it aspell-lt
> aspell-nl aspell-no aspell-pl aspell-pt aspell-pt-br aspell-sk aspell-sl
> aspell-sv aspell-ukr bitscope caudium-pixsl
> So, counting the aspell issue as one, that looks like a total of 4 upgrade
> problems.  Which is four too many, but not as bad as it looks based on the
> output alone. :)

Well, that, and why I still cannot deal with aptitude.
Thanks for you review!


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