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Re: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=265920

On Tuesday 10 January 2006 03:08, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> why the xxxx can't you?

I can accept the fact that people complain about bugs / missing enhancements 
on all kinds of mailing lists, bug tracking systems, feature request 
documents and similiar. I however can not accept that when they report it to 
some random place expect the KDE maintainers to waste their time on searching 
it somewhere and finding it. And I am upset about people after a while then 
asking those KDE maintainers why the hell they didn't bother fixing their 

> 1) write a program to sabotage bugs.debian.org or a subsection of it.

Its not my intention at all to sabotage bugs.debian.org. Its a great bug 
tracking system and its open, and it often contains great ressource of 
information. I even use it from time to time (mostly reading though) :)

> 2) write a program that slurps bugs of certain debian package names and
> duplicates the contents in the kde bugs.

No. Its the job of the debian maintainer and/or the original reporter to 
forward their reports upstream when its an upstream issue. 

> the basic principle: allow bugs to be searched across
> multiple systems (not just your own system); allow a bug to
> be transferred by the thingies.  bug maintainer people.  for them
> with one easy push-of-a-browser-button say "here.  _you_ deal with it".

Oh, thats a great suggestion, I'd even support you in implementing it. There 
is actually a trace-back-kinda functionality being implemented for bugzilla 
like systems I believe. Ah, the debian bugtracking system doesn't use 
bugzilla btw. 

> ahh, why didnt' _you_ think of some of these ideas

Relax, nobody is being pissed. You just have to realize that if you tell 
person A about a problem, person B doesn't magically get notified about it. 
This is not different than in other situations in real life. 


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