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Re: poppler

Frank Küster wrote:
>> These source packages embed xpdf source and should be fixed to use poppler
>> if possible:
>> gpdf
>> pdftohtml
>> kdegraphics (kpdf)
>> koffice
>> libextractor
> AFAIK, poppler was created by the freedesktop people specifically in
> order to replace xpdf code in Gnome and KDE applications.  Therefore I
> expect that at least kpdf an gpdf, and probably koffice will link
> against poppler in a new release (and already do in CVS?)

I've heard that gpdf is to be replaced by evince in GNOME, which
already links dynamically, so it's probably best to remove it for Etch.

Unfortunately kpdf upstream seems quite reluctant to switch to poppler, see
http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=119455. I don't know the status of


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