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Re: gconf transition

Alejandro Bonilla wrote:

I just upgraded Sid and rebooted, after that, logging into Gnome told me if I
wanted to migrate to a Single file that will give me better performance, so of
course I said yes. It logged me off and everytime that I need to log back in,
it kicks me out.

I don't have any special scripts, I just use some PAM for the FingerPrint
reader. Still, ignoring the fingerprint authentication, it fails.


Which package gets the bug report?

Well, it does say it will break some things (did not break anything for me though), so I am sure developers are well aware. If you are not terribly concerned about loosing some of your settings, I suggest you delete your .gconf and let it be regenerated.

By the way, you are much more likely to receive answers to such questions if you post in debian-user.

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