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ITP vexim2


my name is Daniel Knabl, i am from Austria, so please excuse my poor
English ;)

first of all i have to say "thank you" for your great work.

there is a nice little application called vexim [1], it is used for
managing a virtual mailing system based on exim4 and mysql, and it is
fully compatible to the programms in courier-suite (pop,imap + SSL).

this application is basically a set of php-scripts. also there is a
simple but working configfile for exim4 and both courier pop and imap.
i found this solution at http://debainhowto.de [2].

there are some things to be changed within the mysql.sql dump and within
the php files. therefor i can NOT package this useful software.

is there anybody - preferred German speakers - who is willing and able
to package this OR to give assistance to me (i would try packaging when
there is somone helping me)???

[1] http://silverwraith.com/vexim/features.html
[2] http://debianhowto.de/de:howtos:sarge:exim4_vexim2_courier_mailman

Daniel Knabl              http://www.tirolinux.net
PGP Fingerprint                   daniel@aio4u.com
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