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Re: bits from the release team

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 10:59:45AM -0500, David Nusinow wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 02:40:45PM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
>> On Wed, 04 Jan 2006 14:25:17 +0100, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>
>> wrote:
> >>Unstable means dependencies can be broken, not that packages themselves
> >>can always broken. Each and every single package uploaded to unstable
> >>should be of release quality. Otherwise, it should go to experimental.
>> Experience with adduser shows that no-one besides the maintainers
>> themselves and their closest environment uses experimental packages.

> I got a fairly large number of testers of Xorg 6.9 while it was in
> experimental. Not enough to catch all the bugs by any means, but I got at
> least some feedback. Then again, Xorg is special in that people with newer
> hardware often need the updates.

I think this (like OpenOffice and tetex) are good examples of where
experimental works well. Large, important packages which have a group of
users who want to try the latest (pre-release or pre-packaging) of the

Because I've been futzing with r300 dri and bcm43xx support on my
powerbook, I've been playing with X.org and linux-2.6 from experimental,
although the requisite versions of both have now filtered into unstable
as it happens. If I was doing any tex work at the time, I'd prolly have
pulled the tetex 3 beta from experimental too. I did fetch OpenOffice
1.9, but never actually ran it. ^_^

The big advantage of experimental over external apt repositories is it
shows up on packages.debian.org and apt-cache (without having to add
anything more than experimental).

I don't futz with experimental on my server, since its also my build
machine and I don't want to accidentally drag in a library or something
from experimental... Although this is mitigated by using pbuilder-uml
for my actual archive-upload builds.

If and when I achieve DD-status, I intend to put snapshots of FreeRADIUS
2.0's CVS into experimental for people to try out, and so I can see if
the autobuilders will wear it. This way the parallel FreeRADIUS 1.1
series can keep going into unstable and migrating to testing until 2.x
is actually ready to ship. I don't mind so much if no one actually
downloads it, since it does provide a low-priority buildd setup, and a
place to point people who _do_ ask about that sort of thing.

Paul "TBBle" Hampson, MCSE
8th year CompSci/Asian Studies student, ANU
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-- Capt. Jack Sparrow, "Pirates of the Caribbean"

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