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A Big Thank You to all OSS Developers (especially Debian Developers)

Hi all,

I realize that this is a technical forum, and I have something technically useful to contribute (in the sense of offering motivation to keep going full steam): my heartfelt thanks for all the efforts given by Debian Developers.

I've carefully written a technically detailed "Thank You" letter explaining why I'm so grateful for the efforts going into Debian GNU/Linux in particular, and for all OSS in general:


I also post this here to possibly brighten your day. If your day is bright enough, then by all means, move along. :)

Here's a sample snippet from the end:

"Most of all, I want to thank the Debian developers, whom I feel are the most altruistic and giving of all OSS developers (look at the extra mile they go to support all those architectures, languages, and releases). As a Debian developer/maintainer, you live up to standards of technical quality far beyond what even the largest corporations adhere to. How amazing it is that without being directly paid, you often do a far better job than paid professionals who are (ie. witness what a pain it can be to install most commercial software in Linux, which is rarely packaged in a given distro's native format). You uphold a constitution that embodies high ideals of human compassion, even if it's in a deeply geeky way that most cannot appreciate. As various commercial Linux distributions come and go, blowing in the wind from varying economic forces, it's safe to say that Debian (which is non-commercial) will stand the test of time. To all Debian developers, I want to say thanks for working towards such a rock solid, comprehensive, sustainable distribution that I'll probably still be using when I'm old and grey."

Enjoy, and Cheers,

Dustin Harriman

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