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Re: Experimental or unstable.

I'd love for Debian users to test some more cutting edge versions of
packages (partly so upstream gets more testers, partly so I can see the
bits I hate about the new versions and try to get them fixed) but I
don't want them in testing now until they are properly released as a
stable series.  In fact, I don't really want them in unstable if it
means that in order to fix bugs which appear in testing I have to revert
to the stable set of packages in order to get them in.

I guess the compromise is just to realise that they just won't be
thoroughly tested when they hit unstable if they've only been in
experimental before.

But then it does make you wonder if it's worth putting anything in
experimental in the first place.

Is there any better way I can get snapshots/betas tested by the majority
of users?  Do people think that this is the sort of thing that should
just be uploaded to unstable and allowed to flow into testing?

I do use and test some packages from Experimental from time to time, and would probably do that more often if these would not be so hard to install. Missing dependencies, conflicts with other packages I have installed etc. are not that encouraging at all. What happens when in order to install a package you have to uninstall half of the software you depend on for day to day work? You DO NOT install it.

What I am trying to say is that Experimental packages usually are too experimental. They do break stuff. A lot. And that is not a users fault.

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