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Re: Aptitude question

Jiri Palecek wrote:

I have a question on how aptitude decides which packages
to install to satisfy dependencies. I was installing vtk yesterday
and it depends on xlibmesa-gl | libgl1. Aptitude chose to install
xlibmesa-gl which in turn broke my x-window-system-core
metapackage. However, I was able to manually fix it by
using libglu1-xorg for the dependency (and I needed to downgrade it).

How does aptitude decide which one to choose? Shouldn't it
prefer to do something that won't break other packages? Or should
it ask the user for help?

First of all, such questions should go to debian-user mailing list. Debian-devel is for internal development of Debian.

As for your problem, you must provide way more information than just "it does not work" in order to get help. There are at least five different versions of aptitude you could be using on whatever version of Debian you use. Most of us cannot read minds, especially over the Internet.

Anyway, installing vtk-tcl (that depends on xlibmesa-gl | libgl1 and libglu1-xorg | libglu1) on my box did not break anything.

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