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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> we need to promote the easy entry points to contributing to debian more prominently
> and should hide the "how to become a DD" in comparison. we should leave that option
> for the ones that want to contribute above average.

If there is any truth to what Joseph Michael Smidt originally said:

> 1.)All people psychologically want to feel important and that they are an official
> part of an organization.  I feel there should be an official title for all
> contributers so they feel like they are part of the community, not just a pion until
> they get official developer status.

then it might help to reword several pages at debian.org so that they are more
inclusive.  Rename "Developers' Corner" to "Contributors' Corner".  Under "The People"
write "This is a comprehensive listing of all the Debian _maintainers_ accompanied
with a list of packages they maintain", instead of "...developers..." (which would
also be more accurate since non-DD maintainers are already listed).  And so on.
Reword with the principle in mind that there are many contributors to Debian who are
not Debian Developers®.
Thomas Hood

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