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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

Your ideas reminds me of the Mandriva Club system, where users can
come together and show their commitment and involvement in Madriva
(previously Mandrake Linux).  The site is supposed to be
<URL:http://club.mandriva.com/>, but I'm unable to get any response
from it.  The google cache gave me this intro:

  Welcome to Mandriva Club !

  Mandriva Club is a place where members can download the latest
  Mandriva Linux distributions including commercial applications and
  plugins, ATI and Nvidia drivers, Club specific distributions, can
  gain access to a collaborative knowledge base related to Mandriva
  Linux use, can gain access to commercial RPMs, can get special
  discount on Mandriva Store, can chat with Mandriva team, and much
  more... Join the Mandriva Club, download now and take the most of
  your Mandriva Linux system!

  Enterprise, corporate or public sector users: please visit the
  Mandriva Corporate Club to gain access to Mandriva's industry
  leading, 5 year supported enterprise solutions such as: Mandriva
  Corporate Server 3, Mandriva Corporate Desktop, Mandriva HPC
  Cluster, and Mandriva Multi Network Firewall 2.

I suspect a similar system for Debian might increase visibility and
commitment from a large set of users.

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