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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

Alejandro Bonilla wrote:

> I would love to help, but the fact is that people that know how to do
> these things like they know the palm of their hands, don't share
> information or actually show people how to do things.

There is plenty of documentation about how to get started in creating a
Debian package.  Perhaps it's hard to find?  Two great starting points
are the Debian Mentors FAQ:
and the New Maintainer's Guide (in the maint-guide Debian package,
available in eleven languages).

The Debian Women project has created some documentation on their wiki:
(see also the other links under "Articles" in the sidebar)

and they also have a mentoring program:

> I don't even know what is the whole deal that is done when people
> move from gnome2.10 to gnome2.12. (I know is not only packaging and
> uploading)

Do you ask this from the perspective of a packager, or a user?  If you
are packaging Gnome applications you may want to subscribe to the
debian-gtk-gnome@lists.debian.org list.  However, Gnome-related software
that is not part of the core set of Gnome packages should continue to
build and work through the transition, since the Gnome people haven't
changed the API or ABI of their libraries in a long time.  If you are
just using Gnome apps, everything should continue to Just Work (TM) --
if not, file a bug.

If instead your question is, "how did the Debian Gnome team update their
packaging to build Gnome 2.12 instead of Gnome 2.10?" -- this I don't
know.  You'll have to ask them directly, or else apt-get the source and
see for yourself.  But I don't understand why you need this information
(aside from curiosity) unless you are planning to join the Gnome team

best regards,

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@princeton.edu>   Physics Department
WWW: http://www.princeton.edu/~kmccarty/    Princeton University
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