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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

Andreas Schuldei wrote:

there are parts that provide a much easier and smoother entry to
helping debian. The debian-installer, the inofficial security
team and debian-edu for example are groups that allow even
non-Debian-Developers to get their hands dirty and do real
(important, relevant) work easily. This seems to have to do with
the people who lead those sub-projects/effords.

It would make sense to provide contact information for those
parts of the project that try to incorporate new people actively.

Well, most of them already have project websites, mailing list etc., so it is not that hard to get in contact with an existing project. What IS hard is getting involved in something that does not yet exist.

A hypothetical example: I decide to found a debian-geology team and I am not a Debian Developer. So what now? Should I help debian-med to become a DD? But I am not interested in medicine, I am interested in geology.

Not that this is a very common situation, but things happen.

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