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Re: How to Increase Contributions from Volunteers

ma, 2006-01-02 kello 09:03 +0100, Andreas Fester kirjoitti:
> You are already a Maintainer as soon as you have a package
> in the archive. Speaking of an "official title" as you suggested,
> maybe something like the following stages could be reasonable:

I find your title unambitious and suggest improvements.

> - - Having at least one package in the archive: "Debian Maintainer"

"Debian Vice President for Packaging Foo"

> - - Having more packages in the archive, having contributed
>   patches (probably also to the base Debian system),
>   etc.: "Debian Contributor"

"Debian Distinguished Fellow"

> - - Being "Debian Contributor" for some time, having bug-free
>   packages, having shown continous activity, and fulfilling
>   all other requirements which are already necessary today:
>   "Debian Developer"

"Debian Chairman of the Bored"

(No, I don't really think titles will attract most of the productive
kind contributors to Debian. Sorry.)

It doesn't matter who you are, it's what you do that takes you far.

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