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Re: something strange with rsh/ssh + bash/tcsh is happening. Please advise

[Brian May]
> Is there anyway you can disable this implicit shell, either with ssh
> or rsh? I really don't like it. I would rather each parameter be
> passed straight to the remote executable via exec without being
> parsed by sh first.

So you want rsh/ssh to do the job of word splitting?  The question is
how elaborate its shell-emulation parser should be.  Handle \ and " and
' quoting?  Expand environment variables?  Expand globs?  Execute $()
nested commands?  Handle | or || or && or >> or ! or <& or ; or & or ~?
Implement builtins such as chdir and while?

Not everyone would agree on where to draw the line.  Easiest just to
exec /bin/sh -c and let a real shell do what shells do.  That would be
the Least Surprise, by far.

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