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Re: spohr.debian.org not sending email

* Ryan Murray:

> On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 03:45:26PM +1100, Anand Kumria wrote:
>> There seems to be a problem, localised to spohr, with the sending of
>> emails. I've uploaded some packages recently and have neither received
> The problem is on your end -- mail to these MXs is being 451'd, and
> your mail gets deferred.  This is the price you pay for greylisting.

Given Anand's DNS setup, it's quite likely that this is yet another
instance of the AAAA-masks-A issue which is troubling Exim on master.
Of course, greylisting results in more delivery attempts, which
increases the probability that you run into the bug.

The only workaround which can be implemented quickly is to change the
DNS setup of progsoc.uts.edu.au, as discussed on the RIPE IPv6 WG
mailing list.  (To fix this on the Exim side, you need to recompile
without IPv6 support, unfortunately.  It's not possible to disable the
broken code by configuration.  The ::::/0 change only pamers over it
in some case.)

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