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Re: switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?


On Thu, 22.12.2005 at 17:20:42 +0100, Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote:
> Yes; therefore it is not bloat to have nvi and nano both in base; they
> satisfy different needs (having a vi because we're unix resp. having a
> non-modal editor for the rest of us).

I'm not used to nano, but the editor in base expected to be used for
working on system config files is imho required to respect tabs and eg.
*not* convert them to spaces unless told to do so, and also provide
means to enter new tabs.

Other than that, vim is much closer to non-modality than is nvi - you
can often stay in insert mode while using cursor and delete keys to
your heart's content.


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