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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

Lars Wirzenius wrote:

[Less strong "ownership" of packages.

>       This idea hasn't been tested. It could be tested if 
>       some group of maintainers declared that some or all 
>       of their packages were part of the experiment, that 
>       anyone could NMU them for any reason whatsoever, as 
>       long as they take proper care not to mess the package 
>       up.
>       (I'm willing to participate in such an experiment 
>       myself, but I haven't thought out the details yet.)

Why don't we add a status field into the PTS, where a maintainer
can denote her "NMU policy" for a given source package? E.g.
a selection box, ranging from "Don't dare to touch this, I bite"
to "Feel free to 0d-NMU for every severity as long a you send the
patch". Or a free-form field, if that doesn't suffice.


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