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Re: New experimental sysvinit

Thomas Hood wrote:

And that is probably not what I would expect. What about doing something like this...

NOLOGIN=boot   nologin exists during boot
NOLOGIN=always nologin always exists
NOLOGIN=never  nologin never exists

That would be fine if we were adding a new feature, but I am trying
to modify an existing feature (to make it compatible with a read-only
root filesystem) without altering its behavior any more than necessary.

In other words, eliminating the need for bootmisc to create /etc/nologin at boot time, right? But that could be achieved by creating /etc/nologin at shutdown/reboot:

NOLOGIN=boot, create nologin at halt/reboot, remove it at next boot;
NOLOGIN=always, create nologin at halt/reboot, do not remove it at boot;
NOLOGIN=never, make sure there is no nologin at halt/reboot.

There may be reasons for not doing this that I am not aware of, but I am suggesting this because when two different settings influence one thing, bad and unexpected things may happen if you forget to check both of them, or if you try to use an unsupported combination of the two.

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