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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

> The fact that a package is important (note: not referring to Priority
> here) is not indicative of the amount of work necessary, nor is it
> indicative of the amount of time and expertise a given maintainer has 
> for it. 

Sure. However, an "important" package will more badly suffer from lack
of maintenance during several months or even years.

This is the main weakness of packages maintained by single
individuals. By experience, it takes time before it becomes obvious
that the person who was very well maintaining this or that package is
no more able to do so....or lacks time and is slowly neglecting it.

At the very minimum, a team maintenance will increase our chances to
have a faster reaction in such cases....

I perfectly hear your objection to an increased pressure to use team
maintenance and maybe avoid putting too much "social pressure" for
team maintaining everything. I think this discussion had the advantage
of making the issues clearer and give more clues to people who will
have to make the choice of team-maintaining something.

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