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RFH: kernel-patch-suspend2


I am the maintainer of kernel-patch-suspend2 in Debian experimental.
Due to my tendonitis, I am unable to incorporate some necessary
changes to the package, so it's hopelessly outdated. I am thus
looking for people temporarily or permanently interested in helping
with the package. If it is any motivation, then I can say that the
package is rather clean and complex, so it's quite an enjoyable
challenge to maintain. I have previously called it the most complex
kernel patch package in the Debian archive, as it uses all kinds of
kernel-package, mkinitrd, and kernel-image hooks.

Here's an approximate TODO list, with priorities 1(highest)-3:

  - [1] upgrade to/incorporate latest versions (for 2.6.14)
  - [1] migrate from mkinitrd to yaird support
  - [2] migrate to debconf, like kernel-package has done.
  - [2] enable filewriter support
        * already done quick'n'dirty in my repo
        * ideally add debconf support and coordinate with hibernate
          package for better integration (shared debconf entries,
          filewriter location, swap file creation)
  - [3] improve patching system. right now, I include the original
        patch, and a patch against the patch to make it compile
        against Debian kernels. this can get hairy. ideally use
        dh_kpatches and add support for Debian and vanilla kernels
        without patching patches.

Interested parties please reply privately. I'd enjoy working with
others on this. We can create an alioth project if necessary.

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