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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 18.32, David Nusinow wrote:

[teams like gnome, kde, d-i, kernel, ...]
> It's pretty simple to found such a team too. All it takes is some
> interested people and an alioth project.

And here you say the most important thing:  it takes *interested* people.  
People interested in team maintainership and communication with other 
developers can and do form teams.  People not interested in team 
maintainership currently most often don't.

In some cases (probably most), the latter are doing a fine job.  In some 
cases they don't.  In some cases they use 'help' tags and RFAs, but 
sometimes they won't admit it by asking for help - this last category is 
the only one that is problematic and I think it's quite small.

Solution?  *IF* people are found who would take over these packages, ask for 
change of maintainer.  If maintainer won't give up the badly-maintained 
package?  Difficult.  Perhaps QA may want to voice an official verdict that 
package X is in need of a new maint?  Perhaps the people interested in 
maintaining will just hijack it?  In either cases, toe-stomping is going 
on, and rude words or people leaving Debian is likely to follow - but I 
don't believe there is an easy solution here, and I don't believe that 
forcing team-maint on this class of maintainers will solve the situation.

-- vbi

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