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Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing

I wrote:
> I don't think that it is ridiculous to require that every package have
> a team behind it---i.e., at least two maintainers.  First, if someone
> can't find ONE other person willing to be named as a co-maintainer of
> a given package then I would seriously doubt that that package (or
> that person) is an asset to Debian. 

Erinn Clark wrote:
> There are plenty of people who are maintaining packages alone
> that are doing an excellent job

True.  However, the issue in question is whether or not it would be
better if they maintained in teams.

> Forcing team maintenance on people would result in very few
> technical enhancements for such maintainers

How do you know?  I would expect most packages to benefit.  Every
person brings different expertise to the table.

> It just seems to me like telling responsible DDs who've done a
> stellar job that they need a babysitter is a bit... insulting. 

This is not a fair characterization of what the introduction of
a two-maintainer rule would be doing.  No one should be insulted
by general rule changes designed to make Debian work better.
Thomas Hood

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