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Re: Checking package builds on hppa/arm/m68k?

Andreas Fester <Andreas.Fester@gmx.de> writes:

> Benjamin Mesing wrote:
>>>"Please (re)check, if the package can be built by g++ > 3.4
>>> on [hppa/arm/m68k]"?
>>>Do I simply remove the explicit build dependency on g++,
>>>upload the package and wait if it succeeds (and probably
>>>create another package version with the build dependencies
>>>re-added again if it still fails)?
>> As Matthias Klose in his announce [1], this workaround is no longer
>> needed (if you are speaking about the issue affecting a lot of QT/KDE
> My issue was the ICE which occured on these platforms for (also
> non-Qt/KDE) c++ builds (I think this is not related to the
> mt_alloc issue):
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-gcc/2005/11/msg00123.html
> Since this bug seems to be solved now, and Matthias also said
> "Please (re)check, if the package can be built" I was just wondering
> what the proper way of checking is.
> Best Regards,
> 	Andreas

Normaly you have 3 choices:

1. log into the Debian systems for each arch and check
2. upload and reupload if it still fails
   Only if the problem should be gone now, e.g. the gcc ICE bug got
   closed. You should probably 'Build-Depends: g++-3.4 (>=
   fixed-version) [arch]' to force a g++ update before build.
3. ask the porters

As non DD (1) becomes difficult and (2) can be tiresome to your
sponsor and yourself. (3) on the other hand is also work.


PS: I would upload the package to be build with the normal g++-3.4 and
leave it failed on some archs unless it is something critical.

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