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Re: /run vs /var/run (was: Please test new sysvinit)

> > Tmpfs memory can be swapped out, so is this even a hypothetical
> > problem?
> Maybe it isn't on Linux.  I wasn't aware tmpfs could be swapped out.
> That still leaves the question of just which features we want to require
> from our non-Linux kernels for basic operation, I guess.

Yes, I don't know what problems would arise in non-Linux Debians.
Both the Hurd and FreeBSD do have "memory" filesystems (tmpfs
and mfs, respectively), but know more about this I do not.

> Sounds to me like this will play havoc with idempotence of init
> scripts; anyway, why would "mount /run and clean it" be anything
> less than an atomic operation from the viewpoint of other init
> scripts?

If /run is on the root filesystem then it is mounted long before
it can be cleaned (after S10checkroot.sh).  If /run is a separate
filesystem then, yes, it can be cleaned immediately after it is
mounted (after S35mountall.sh).

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