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Re: switching to vim-tiny for standard vi?

su, 2005-12-18 kello 13:38 -0500, Joey Hess kirjoitti:
> One argument I can think of for keeping nvi in base is that it is the
> closest to bug-compatible with the original vi. However, I don't think
> that will prevent hardcore vi users from easily using vim-tiny if
> it's in base.

I'm one of the people who prefers nvi over vim. I do so quite strongly,
because I find that nvi obeys my fingers and vim does not. The
differences are minute, of course, but they are really irritating.
Unfortunately, I can't enlist them properly, since my fingers don't talk
to me: I notice vim's incompatibility from the fact that my fingers have
to keep correcting text under vim, but not under nvi. On days when I'm
generally annoyed already, if I accidentally use vim instead of nvi, I
can get quite lyrical with my cursing.

I'm not bothered at all by switching nvi with vim-tiny in base. As long
as I can install nvi if I want to, I'm happy. I'd even be happy without
any vi-like editor in base. As long as there is one editor in base that
I can without great difficulty in an emergency (nano seems to qualify),
I don't need anything more.

In fact, given that it's good for base to be small, I'd like to suggest
that we don't have more than one editor there.

The most difficult thing in programming is to be simple and

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