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Re: Debian menu entries(was Re: Debian and the desktop)

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 10:23:54PM -0800, Eduardo Silva wrote:
> As a lurker to debian-devel, I would like to point to
> all a deficiency in the current KDE way of naming
> menus, and hope that if Debian menu goes this way, it
> should improve on it.
> The current way KDE names programs is:
> Type of Program (Application name)
> So, for amarok it's:
> Audio Player (amarok)
> I find this actually bad, because it's almost a new
> hierachy in the menu (one that Debian menu actually
> has, I think). On the other hand, if the Gnome way was
> used, it would be better, since it makes sense in
> english:
> Amarok Audio Player
> Name of the app + program type.
> But the position of program type should change
> acording to the language used.
> When using KDE in portuguese, it actually becomes
> correct in syntax, although the parentesis () stops
> making sense:
> Leitor de ?udio (amarok)
> So, my sugestion is, if this is done in Debian menu,
> the position of the application type is moved before
> or after the application type, according to the
> language use and without the use of parethesis:
> English: Amarok Audio Player
> Portuguese: Leitor de ?udio Amarok
> Eduardo
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> eye on the list archive site, for possible replies.
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I think that " type (name)  " is how KDE do it. In kcontrol you can
change it to Name (description). On my test box GNOME doesn't seem show
the type infomation. I have no real views on how Debian should do it,
since I change most things to suit me. 


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