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Debian menu entries(was Re: Debian and the desktop)

As a lurker to debian-devel, I would like to point to
all a deficiency in the current KDE way of naming
menus, and hope that if Debian menu goes this way, it
should improve on it.

The current way KDE names programs is:
Type of Program (Application name)

So, for amarok it's:
Audio Player (amarok)

I find this actually bad, because it's almost a new
hierachy in the menu (one that Debian menu actually
has, I think). On the other hand, if the Gnome way was
used, it would be better, since it makes sense in

Amarok Audio Player
Name of the app + program type.

But the position of program type should change
acording to the language used.

When using KDE in portuguese, it actually becomes
correct in syntax, although the parentesis () stops
making sense:

Leitor de Áudio (amarok)

So, my sugestion is, if this is done in Debian menu,
the position of the application type is moved before
or after the application type, according to the
language use and without the use of parethesis:

English: Amarok Audio Player
Portuguese: Leitor de Áudio Amarok


P.S.-Could you CC: me any replies? I'll also keep an
eye on the list archive site, for possible replies.

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