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Re: Please test new sysvinit, sysv-rc, initscripts

[Marco d'Itri]
>> > I do not remember a consensus about this.
>> Changes in Debian are generally decided by package maintainers, not by
>> consensus.
> Good to know. So I'm happy that nobody will complain when I will make
> udev mandatory.

You seem to have mixed up lack of complaints with decision delegation.
Perhaps you got other things wrong as well, but it is hard to tell
from the little you write. :)

You should expect lots of complains if you do something stupid with
your packages, and you are also expected to adjust the packages to
work as well as possible based on the input and arguments provided to
you.  And the decision is yours for the packages you maintain, and if
you are doing a really bad job the technical committee might overrule
your decision.  If any of this come as a surprise to you, I suggest
you reconsider your maintenence practice.

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