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Re: gtkpod and Filesystem

>>>> a bug in gtkpod or the kernel (FS Panic).
>>>Maybe an FS error on your iPod? Did you try to reformat or dosfsck it?
>> Even then, the filesystem code should handle corrupt filesystems more
>> gracefully.
>Mh, what's "more gracefully" in the light of fs corruption?

	return -EIO;

through all instances back to userspace and keep returning EIO for all 
future requests. But let the user still umount the device.

>The driver just
>blocked write access to avoid further damage caused by writing to an
>inconsistent file system which sound perfectly reasonable to me. Writing to
>a corrupted fs could cause anything to it, depending on the corruption, so
>better act safe than sorry...

The interesting part comes when the filesystem corrupts itself
 (= the code corrupts the on-disk data), and/plus it does not 
notice quickly enough.

Jan Engelhardt

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