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Re: gtkpod and Filesystem

Am Freitag, 16. Dezember 2005 18:19 schrieben Sie:
> |> 	Actually. Issue fixed. It is really odd that a dosfsck fixed it.

I'm glad it helped. :-)

> |i dont see how that is odd.. if the filesystem was somehow corrupted
> |dosfsck would have corrected it.
> Odd how it got "corrupted" and odd on why it would work on Windows and
> not in Linux.

Mh, that's just the same phenomenon one always sees with web sites. If 
some data structure, be it a file system or an HTML-like tag soup, 
doesn't conform to the specification, the processors (fs driber or web 
browser) behavoiur will be implementation dependant... One specific error 
will break one implementation but not the other, while another error will 
just cause the opposite, there may be implementations which are more 
sensitive to specification violation and so on...

So the behaviour you observed is not that surprising, after all. ;)

> Anyway, it works now. I was more worried on the FS Panic than anything
> else.

Well, as I understood it this message just stated that the fs driver was 
confused and blocked write access for safety reasons, to avoid further 

It had nothing to do with a "kernel panic" or similar.

Greetings and happy music listening,


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